Deadly Dancing

Jay Currie from Great Lakes Community Resources Homebase wanted to help young Aboriginal boys gain knowledge about their culture.

It all started with five boys who lacked confidence and cultural knowledge. Jay wanted to change that and boost their confidence so that one day they could pass on their knowledge.  He came into their lives and showed them how great it is to be a Worimi man, teaching them traditional dances that helped empower them. They quickly became proud and gained the confidence to perform, knowing it changed their outlook on life. None of this could have happened without the support of Natalie Bolt.

Fast-forward to today and the five boys have grown into young men, spreading the power of culture and dance, and taking on the role of teaching the next generation about the different dances. The youngsters are loving soaking in the knowledge and honouring their culture by performing at NAIDOC events, open days outside of the community, to the council and at other celebrations held all around the community.

Marcus, a Biripi man, has since taken on the role of teaching the children about culture and dance.

Story contributed by Jay Currie from Worimi Community. Published in 2019.